Tuesday 2100 crash?

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Humax T2000 Retail, all software up to date

I was watching Netflix yesterday and the box stopped responding at around 9pm.  Would not even exit Netflix properly but live TV was OK.  Went back in to Netflix, but not working.  Tried to watch a recorded programme and nothing was playing, just a blank screen with the recording id shown.  I found that a series recording would play. All the others were one off.

I had scheduled 2 recording for 9pm, but only one was recording (Ch5HD).  When I checked the EPG, "Broken" on BBC1HD, had been replaced by Planet Earth 2. Broken showed as scheduled for Tuesday next week (30th)

Switched off the box with the remote. Restarted. No change.  At around 2130, I powered off at the mains and restarted. Recordings and Netflix now playing OK.

The recording on CH5HD had been stopped (obviously!) but instead of showing it stopped after 30 mins, it showed it had stopped at 2 mins, which made it around 2102, the time the problem started.

Could this be a software bug, triggered by a schedule change?  There were no other problems, e.g power outages, and I wasn't fiddling with the remote when it had its meltdown.

It worked OK for the rest of the evening and is still OK this morning

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