Wrong programmes behind icon tile

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selected  MYTV main menu just as a new time recording was starting 

The first Icon was the new programme - Programme A

The second Icon was what  I wanted to watch Programme B - However when I selected the second Icon it  showed the episode page for Programme A 

I came back out of that to MYTV main menu

    - tried it again same result

    - I couldn't select any recording in the first column, the selection highlight box went from column 2 to off the page -   pseudo column 5  - weird

     -  I selected the third Icon along - Programme C - this took me to the episode page for Programme B - the one I wanted to watch 

   After watching Programme B, I returned to MYTV main page and everything was back to normal


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    Hi Dave,

    Can you let me know your box model along with the software version your box is currently running and the programmes you experienced this happening with? 

    Just to confirm, when a new recording is about to start and you're in the MyTV section, selecting the 2nd programme will bring up the icon for the 1st programme instead?

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    Hi Sarah  

    Software 28.26.0

    Device  Humax  DTRT2000

    I've just recreated the problem by doing the following

    1) Set box to record - "news at 10" 

    2) just before 22:00hrs go into MYTV main menu --- but don't press anything else - i.e. leave title "recordings" as the selected item

    3) when "new at 10" starts recording / icon appears  - the problem is recreated

    That is

    a) can't select any programme / Icon in column 1

    b) when selecting the 2nd Icon on row 1 which was for "Cricket on 5" -  "news at 10" is played

    Hopefully you'll also be able to recreate  the problem




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    I tried this.

    Trying to move down the first column did indeed step across to the second column unbidden, but I was able to left arrow back to the first column.

    After that, when I chose the second tile on the top row, it did play the correct programme for that tile.

    Which, as it happens, was a radio programme. So perhaps either that, or me having moved back into the first column, meant that I got the expected programme on that second tile.

    I will try again later, when I have a TV programme second in line, and without stepping back into the first column.

    Definitely a problem with that unexpected step right, though.
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    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the clear steps you took to recreate this issue. 

    Following your steps I've recreated this issue on the T2100 I have on my desk twice. It doesn't seem to happen when the recording next to the actively recording tile has been part-watched. I've raised this with our Test team so they can have a look into it so I'll get back to you once I have any updates :) 

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    I have now reproduced it exactly by following the steps more exactly.

    While recording HUTH from 10:00, set Below Decks, 10:25, itv2. When it started, arrowed down, focus diverted to HUTH tile one right, clicking it plays Below Decks.

    But it looks like what I found above is the workaround until this is fixed :-)
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    Roy -  that's a relief

     This first happen a bit ago when I didn't have any BB.  I tried to report it but failed  because of my Ipad   (cookie settings) sign in problems

    Once BB was installed I - rather impetuously - reported the problem before I'd tried to recreate it.

    didn't consider that once back on  BB my software version was likely to have been changed and therefore problem might have gone away. 

    So I was relived that I could fine a way to recreate it  - It's years and years since I did any Alpha / Beta testing - happy days.

    I wonder if they were trying to the cure the "accidently delete a recording"  problem   -   as previously posted

    It’s easy to delete the wrong recording


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    Could be. But things will be better if/when the box tells you what it thinks you are trying to delete.

    Hopefully, it wouldn't get that wrong as well :-)
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