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Got note fron TT to say new software firmware update from 72.44.127 to 72.44.147 nothing updated my end called TT and no one knows about it, says youview have posted this without letting TT know. I doubt Youview did this . But communication between youview head office, youview outsourced support staff, providers Talk Talk, BT,Plusnet and consumer of service is lacking. More transparency is needed to really develop this brand into the future growth and continued success.


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    You keep repeating yourself!
  • Samuel WilkinsSamuel Wilkins Posts: 65Member
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    The transparency in the guide is pointless as u see nothing but blur background and it makes guide and menus harder to see. Really wonder what testing and research went into this. Mini TV is much better. Whats the point of a useless blur that youview call transparency mode. I have a 4K Panasonic TV, doubt its my tv its poor to useless function ... Not transparent but a messy blur. I have had to switch off this mode.
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    Funny, in your first post you say "more transparency is needed" and in your second one a day later you say you had to switch it off :-)
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