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An email from TalkTalk:

We’ve been working behind the scenes to bring you exciting new ways to enjoy TV. But to make room for all your new benefits, we’ll be turning off our TV2Go app on 5 November.
We’re sorry you’re losing your app, but you can still watch your favourite channels on your TV Box and on a new app when it’s ready in a few months. We think you’re going to like it.
Your TalkTalk Team

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Don’t forget you can still download our TV Planner app to record TV and set reminders on the go.


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    Presumably, if anyone used this app, it was because it did things the box didn’t for them? But TalkTalk aren’t waiting to turn it off until the new one is ready?

    imagine the furore if YouView had introduced NextGen that way  :o
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    TV2Go is an online player for mobile devices, but very limited in the content it could provide. TalkTalk seem to be going through a massive shift in services at the moment. They have recently closed off their mobile service to new users, pending we don't quite know what. They are abandoning their Talk2Go app, which was essentially a VOIP facility for mobile users tied into their landline account. And now this. So long Dido and thanks for all the fish.
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