Player issue on my Sony TV

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    I get "An error has occurred..." with all players and solve it by rebooting my sony xe9005 bravia tv (holding standby button for 10s). However, it reoccurrs a few days later.  Is there a known permanent solution?  My tv is 2017 model and all firmware is up to date.  Its annoying that i get this error when i can see that the player is working in the background.
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    Try a Factory Reset from within Settings - this is a bit more thorough-going than the reset from the remote.

    And this is always Sony’s first recommendation when you get issues with these Android sets.

    You may have to retune, and/or add back any display tweaks, but you don’t lose much as a YouView user on one of these sets, and you can always put the settings back afterwards if you do.

    Can’t guarantee this will fix it - do let us know if it does or not - but it’s your best shot at this point.

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