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Does anyone know when the Browse by Category function will be returned to the "new generation interface. For me it was the best thing about Youview - rather than having to know what you wanted to watch, you could choose (say), Comedy > Stand-up, or Lifestyle > Gardening, and see all the programmes available in that genre. You can sort of do this in each app (IPlayer, More 4) but you used to be able to do it across On demand / recordings / TV.

Not only would this open up a world of recordings that I would never have found, it is also an easier way to search/browse than having to use the buttons to type text. Far easier to skim through 'Food' to find 'Jamie' than typing Jamie via the numeric keypad.

I seem to remember when the new interface came out there was a promise that it would be reinstated - but I've not seen it yet


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    Do you mean 'Discover'?
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    But the promises/commitments were originally -
    • Discover
    • Action Panel
    • Hide/Edit channels
    They are working on all the above. However, purely from user feedback, lots of other features have also been introduced up to now, all involving massive improvements to the user journey when using MyTV. And theres more to come in that area. I'm hoping one of them is going to be the 'jump to time' feature on recordings. I badly miss that one.
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