One year on - what has been achieved?



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    @Visionman @jimb
    I've still got 1 box on OldGen - the other one failed :'( :'( :'( - so I had a quick look this morning at Discover.

    I didn't see any suggestion of personal recommendations , but this on a box less used than the failed one. So the personal recommendation idea cannot be ruled in or out.

    To me, given the above, it looked as @jimb suggested - a sophisticated search by genre giving you either the most popular , the latest or as an A-Z listing.

    First time I've looked at it in all the time I've had Youview - quite impressed really.

    Not sure that I've helped very much.
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    They look to be in tile format though. Can someone go back and change it on the Old Gen to a list format as I can read that better ;)
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    Visionman said:
    Ceg said:
    They're probably working on the backend ad targeting/personalisation stuff which, it increasingly looks like, was the whole purpose of this rushed upgrade. 
    Actually Ceg, thats part of the way Discover works, making personal recommendations, plus including 'push' content such as the most popular shows.
    I have had a look at Discover and it doesn't seem to work as you suggest, all of the options on the first screen are what I presume are the most popular shows on the iplayer and ITV player: Eastenders, I'm a celebrity..., Blue Planet II, Coronation St and Eastenders. None of which are watched or recorded on my box, except Blue Planet II. It seems to be the same on all the categories as well, simply showing the most popular catchup programming from across the catchup services in one place.
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    It is entirely possible (maybe even probable) that the forthcoming Discover function will include additional features such as personal recommendations.
    This raises an interesting thought...

    We might have expected the YouView team to do what @Roy has described as a "lift and shift" operation, i.e. to first of all simply replicate the functionality of first-gen Discover before adding any new features.
    But they didn't adopt that approach with the original release of next-gen.
    So maybe this explains why the new Discover is taking so long to make its "debut" - it's going to have the original functions of the old Discover plus added bells and whistles.
    If so this is good news (and might make the long wait worthwhile). 
    YouView might be able to release a much more powerful Discover (possibly so sophisticated that YouView could have a big press launch with the hope that it will attract new users). 
    And Freeview Play's "Explore" feature with a mere (non-personalised) 9 genres would be completely out-classed.


    It's pretty clear that YouView see personalisation as a good thing...

    In February YouView was the first platform to benefit from iPlayer's personalised features.

    In March UKTV launched a new player on the YouView platform which included "personalised recommendations based on what viewers have watched".

    And in September there was a report saying:
    "YouView has put in place the building blocks to move to a 'highly personalised, multi-devices experience,' and now wants to further develop its platform along these lines" - according to Jeff Hunter, chief architect at YouView.

    I reckon these things are positive personalisation (not the kind of questionable personalisation that brings us targeted advertising).
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