The Drive-By Poster (with acknowledgements to Neil Innes’ Urban Spaceman)

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I'm the drive-by poster, people; I’ve a need

Answer me with speed

I'm the drive-by poster, people; tell me why

This damn box won’t fly

I don't get pleasure

I just get pain

How to make this box reboot and run OK again

I'm the drive-by poster, people; tell me why

I won’t reply

I post in desperation with a frown upon my face

My natural impatience spills out all over the place

I'm the drive-by poster, I'm intelligent and keen

But is your answer seen?

I'm the drive-by poster, never make a second post

Was I just a ghost?

You won’t know if I fixed it

Or if I’m still a noob

Found another forum, or a vid out on YouTube

I'm the drive-by poster, people; here comes the twist--

I’ll make you p***ed!

“Where’s ‘Jump to Time’ then? And all that other OldGen good stuff we were promised back, including the proper ‘Hide Channels’ and so on?” (Excerpt from ‘One Billboard Outside YouView Towers’, not coming soon to a box near you)
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