Sudden HDMI Issue

Hi All
I have a problem that began last week with my YouView box.
It used to be the case that I turned the TV on and then the YouView box and that triggered my sound bar to come on. This no longer happens.
Also, my Chromecast and FireStick used to automatically change the TV to the correct channel and the sound bar would adjust accordingly. This also no longer happens.
After an extensive test of all items in my setup, I have found that if I take my YouView box out of the equation then everything starts to work fine again.
Could it be that the YouView box is breaking the HDMI Control throughout my setup ?  If so, why ?  This was all working at the beginning of last week, and then one day it just stopped.
My test included swapping all HDMI cables in and out and between devices, so I am confident it isn't a cable issue.
Help ??????


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    I turn my YouView box on, and this then turns the TV on. My YouView box knows nothing of the soundbar, and it is the TV that turns the soundbar on.

    Depending on its sophistication and how it is connected, a soundbar can be turned on by HDMI-ARC, or by its detecting a signal from the TV, which may be Bluetooth, digital optical, or analogue audio.

    The only method which uses CEC, and so could be disrupted by CEC issues, is HDMI-ARC.

    Which of the above triggers your soundbar to turn on?

    Make and model of soundbar, and of TV, will assist here. also how they are wired together - is it all HDMI?

    To answer your question in the interim before we get full information, yes, I suppose it is possible that the CEC on the YouView box could go rogue and inhibit all CEC.

    Certainly, people with JVC TVs have found they had to turn CEC off on these sets before they would play nice with YouView boxes.

    But this was a JVC TV issue, and no-one else has reported CEC takeover as a YouView box issue, to my knowledge - though there is always a first report of anything, of course - and the usual complaint with YouView CEC is that it stops turning other devices on at all.

    A good thing to try, though, is a soft reboot; while not recording not about to, touch the On/Standby Button on the fascia of your box for just over 8 seconds, until it non-destructively soft reboots.

    This has been known to cure all sorts of odd runtime glitches that are not actually down to code or hardware faults.

    Let us know how you get on!
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    Hi Roy
    Thank you for the lengthy and informed reply.
    A soft reset didn't solve the problem, but going into the menu and doing a factory reset (keep recordings) has completely sorted it !!!

    Just out of interest, the setup I have is a Sony Bravia KDL-37W5710 TV connected to Yamaha YSP-2500 Sound Bar, Chromecast and Firestick all via HDMI. The TV is connected from HDMI 1 to the sound bar's ARC HDMI input. The sound bar then has connections to the YouView (BT) box and a Sony Blu Ray player. The sound bar feeds the images to the TV for the Blu Ray and YouView boxes. I also have an optical cable between the TV and sound bar because for some reason, that seems to be the only way to get the sound from the Chromecast/Firestick to the sound bar. My YouView remote was able to control sound bar volume and YouView box.

    When I turn my TV on (Sound Bar is in standby mode), the sound bar automatically comes on and the TV input channel to change to the correct one automatically whenever I turn either my YouView box, Blu Ray or ChromeCast. Therefore, I can only assume that it's the signal of a proper TV image (rather than the black screen you get when you turn the TV on) that wakes the Sound Bar up.
    None of the auto changes were working prior to the factory reset. Also, the YouView remote was not able to change the volume. Also, if I went into the TV settings and listed the HDMI devices, nothing appeared.
    However, if I took the YouView box out of the equation but left everything else in then HDMI control wass working fine on everything else and YouView remote was changing the sound bar volume fine. Also, the HDMI device list was working properly (though obviously not showing the YouView box.

    Anyway - a 5 minute factory reset on the YouView box has sorted the whole darned thing out !

    Thank you again for your response - I would probably not have thought to do a factory reset on the YouView box without you suggesting the soft reset.

    Happy Christmas & New Year
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    edited 29 December 2017, 6:04PM

    Glad you got it fixed!

    I had a look at the manual for your TV, and if I have it right, it dates from 2009, doesn’t have an HD tuner though it does have an HD screen, doesn’t have ARC, and isn’t ‘Smart’, though it is internet-capable for DLNA, etc.

    But it comes from the days when Sony was a name to be reckoned with in TVs, instead of the omnishambles they are now; has as many HDMI inputs as most 2017 sets; and everything it can’t do, the YouView box and your other devices can, except for the ARC.

    It is because this TV set has no ARC (Audio Return Channel) that no sound comes back on the HDMI Connection to the soundbar from the TV, either from its tuner (which you probably don’t use anyway) or from any devices plugged into it. And this is why you have to use the optical connection to get the sound returned.

    At a guess, the display on the soundbar (I have the same excellent YSP-2500 as you) can say TV, but never says TV-ARC.

    CEC still goes two-way on this cable though, up and down.

    One query - the YSP-2500 has three HDMI INs, so why not move either the Firestick or the Chromecast to the spare port on the soundbar? Though as long as you are getting surround from the optical out (audio set to Auto for it on the TV), I guess you aren’t missing anything, and have a port on the soundbar easily accessible for any temporary device you want to plug into it.

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    edited 8 January 2018, 2:46PM

    I might give your suggestion about the sticks a try but as you say, I am not missing anything as it currently stands.

    In your opinion, who are the best TV makers currently ?

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    BennyBoyW said:

    I might give your suggestion about the sticks a try but as you say, I am not missing anything as it currently stands.

    In your opinion, who are the best TV makers currently ?

    We are an all-Samsung household at present, but even the best of them show some clouding from the backlighting, which I think is unavoidable with LED.

    So even though QLED looks gorgeous, I would go for OLED if I were buying today, so it would be an LG, for those ultimate blacks when Off means Off.

    OLEDs are said not to go as bright as LEDs like the QLED, but if you look at them side by side in Curry’s or wherever, preferably on 4K HDR like Planet Earth II, they don’t seem to give much if anything away to LED. And of course, Curry’s aren’t featuring the clouding of LEDs  :p

    Here’s a good article to read on the topic; I would probably agree on the top choice, the LG OLEDnnC7; and at the same price as the B7, why not?

    The E7 is the ultimate, but a lot more expensive, though the current £500 (55”) or £800 (65”) cashback offer from LG defrays this a bit,

    Sonys have a great picture, but I think the move to Android was a mistake, and I would not consider any of their Android sets. It’s a shame, as they have the YouView interface, but I would be using the one on my YouView box anyway.

    All the above is just my personal view though, and I find myself recommending a TV, and a technology, I haven’t even got; I wonder what anyone else thinks?
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