Using a Logitech Harmony Remote - Help with a problem please?

lloydilloydi Posts: 1Member
I use the Logitech Harmony remote to control a number of devices. Pretty much everything works as it should, but there is one issue I'm having that I'd like to resolve. Hoping that someone may know how to fix this.

In the current software, when playing a recording, if you are some way in to the recording, to go back to the start there is the option of pressing and holding the OK button to start from beginning.

This works perfectly well for me when using the YouView remote, but when pressing/holding the OK on the Harmony remote, it doesn't seem to register that I am holding it. There must be something happening in the Harmony hub that somehow breaks that continuous press from being passed on.

Does anyone know of a way to resolve this? I know that I can go back and use the YouView remote, but the whole point of the Harmony remote was to stop having lots of remotes lying around. Aside from this little annoyance, that's what I've achieved. Would be great to get this last piece of the puzzle solved :)


  • scottscott Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭✭
    Which Harmony remote are you using. The OK button works fine on my Harmony elite when using the YouView device. Are you using a Smartphone app through the hub or do you have a specific harmony remote.
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