Loss of most HD channels (106 to 115)

Hi. I bought my first smart TV about a month ago and not happy at all with the quality of the SD channels but that is another topic. Today my few HD channels (I do not have a subscription / Sky box and connect with aerial) are even fewer by the loss of channels 106 to 115. Yesterday they were still there. Re-tuned this morning, but this did not solve the problem. So I have only 6 HD channels left on my new TV with a good to excellent picture quality. Can suggestions?


  • YolandenYolanden Posts: 6Member
    Just to add, I have BT infinity 2 - speed test is excellent. I also had the old aerial tested and this came out good as well.
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    Hi @Yolanden

    Are you using a Sony TV with YouView integrated or a YouView box? If you do, please let us know the model number so we can assist further :) 

  • YolandenYolanden Posts: 6Member
    My new tv is a Sony Bravia KD49XE8005 LED HDR 4K Ultra HD - this has the youview integrated. I purchased it end of Nov 2017.
    I do not use a box of any kind. The only item I have connected is an old Sony DVD/HDR recorder RDR-HXD890.
    My previous tv was Sony KDL32V4000. This also had the freeview integrated. 
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    Today I disconnected the aerial from the DVD/recorder (in and out to TV) and plugged it straight into the TV followed by a re-tune, and the channels are back again. Why would the aerial via DVD recorder stop these channels coming in?
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    When running the aerial to the TV and not via my dvd player/recorder, then a retune, the missing channels are back again. Why would that be?
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    Yolanden said:
    When running the aerial to the TV and not via my dvd player/recorder, then a retune, the missing channels are back again. Why would that be?
    Because the DVD player/recorder is broken?

    Because it works, but attenuates the pass-through signal severely?

    Because you have a faulty cable from the DVD player/recorder to the TV?

    Because your local TV transmitter had a glitch, now cured, and it was coincidentally back when you tried again?

    What is the make and model of the DVD player/recorder?

     EDIT: I see you said RDR-HXD890. Are you using the digital hookup A shown on page 18 of the manual for this? (Digital In/Out, not Analogue?

    Once the DVD recorder is put back in the aerial chain, do you lose the affected HD channels again, or do they stay present?

    If so, choosing one of them, go into Settings on the TV, find where the signal strength and quality is displayed, and note them down.

    Then do the same with the aerial connected directly to the TV, note the figures now, and post all four values here.

    That may help to diagnose the issue.

    “Where’s ‘Jump to Time’ then? And all that other OldGen good stuff we were promised back, including the proper ‘Hide Channels’ and so on?” (Excerpt from ‘One Billboard Outside YouView Towers’, not coming soon to a box near you)
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    Hi Roy,
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I have tested the TV channels with or without the aerial going via the DVD recorder and they are all listed now either way. Strange how they disappeared before. So the DVD recorder was not the cause of it after all, just a coincidence. 
    I have also tested the signal level and quality and they are identical for aerial to TV and aerial via DVD recorder to TV. The main tv channels are around 93/94 level to 100 quality. The lowest I found was 66/99 level which was CBS action as well as BBC HD news.
    The level does not seem to be related at all to the picture quality though which is fine in HD but fuzzy in SD.
    Thanks again Roy for asking me to double check. 
    Kind regards
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