Humax DTRT2000 randomly switches itself on in Maintenance Mode.

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About every 2 to 3 weeks, my Humax DTRT2000 randomly switches itself on in Maintenance Mode.  It stays that way until I intervene to select one of the 4 reset options.  This means that any programmed recordings do not happen, so it is a problem if we are away from home.  Software reset is recommended and if I go ahead with that option the unit is restored to the working Youview configuration (without TalkTalk TV and without any ISP configuration showing in the settings info).  About a day later the full TalkTalk configuration is restored, i.e. with TalkTalk TV and everything works fine for another few weeks.

The unit has the latest software versions as follows:

Component software - 3.3.82 (717bc8)

Manufacturer software - 29.36.0

Platform configuration - 4059

ISP configuration - 2102011

The TalkTalk community OCEs have checked that my unit is correctly registered and is showing as primary in the Database and all flags are set correctly. The entry in the database is linked to the current account / post code, so no discrepancies there.  

Can anyone help please?


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    The box is failing. 

    It may be disc corruption that will clear if you do a full Factory Reset (MM Option 5), If you haven’t already tried that.

    Or it may be a hardware issue.

    If you are with TalkTalk TV, I dare say they will ship you a replacement box, but I would expect that to be a Huawei one.

    Though I always say that, before consigning a box to the outer darkness, you should call the YouView Helpline, to see if they can offer any last-ditch advice.
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    Thanks Roy.  That is what I fear may be the case.  Reluctant to try a full factory reset yet until I have watched all of our recorded TV, but will take your advice before sourcing a new unit.
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