What’s the best way to track down a reception problem?

As of approximately four to six weeks ago I have started to have reception problems where my T1000 is getting pixelated due to reception problems.  Channel 4 is worse than BBC.  My signal strength is around 55%, which is no change.  My signal quality is 100% but when I get pixelation you can see (via the YouView settings) the quality drop down to 50% for a split second and then back up to 100% again.

What I want to know is how to go about figuring out what is causing the problem in a logical way.  I’m aware it could be any number of problems: a faulty YV box or a botched update, a problem with my antenna cable, a problem with my antenna, interference from an external source or a problem with the transmitter.  I don’t want to spend unnecessary money or time chasing my tail.

Some extra information that might help-

My transmitter is Crystal Palace.  Shortly after the interference began I found a website that told me some transmitter work was underway which could result in signal problems, but I can’t remember which site to go back and check to see if it’s finished.

We also had a lot of wind around that time, athough there is no visual change with my external antenna (it’s just outside our living room window I can hang out and check it).


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    The site you want is probably here.

    The next thing to do is plug your aerial directly into your TV, and see if you have the same issues. If so, this eliminates the YouView box as the issue.

    Then, try the YouView box as near to the aerial setup in the loft or roof as you can safely get.

    This eliminates (or points the finger at) the house wiring and distribution amp, assuming you have one.

    if the issue is with the aerial still, then you know at least that it is worth calling your aerial specialist in.

    Presumably your visual check of the aerial confirms it is still there, and still pointing in the right direction, but you can’t check (as indeed most lay people can’t, not having the required specialist equipment) that it is still giving the optimum signal voltage into 75 ohms balanced?

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    So here we are two months later.

    I moved my antenna cable direct into my television and there haven't been any reception problems at all.

    Tonight I tried moving the antenna back into my T1000 and I immediately had issues again.  I retuned.  The main channels (BBC, 4 etc) are fine.  The others, like More 4 + 1, are a bit of a mess with intermittent pixellation.  On More 4 + 1 I'm getting 100% signal quality and 44% signal strength.

    With no problems does that mean my TV is just built to a higher quality with better components and so can handle signal problems better?  Or do I have some sort of fault on my T1000?
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    Do you think that might be my problem because the issues started well before the change?  Were they mucking about that long ago?

    And I suppose it begs they question why my YouView box sucks but my tv is working fine?

    I have ordered a signal booster to see if it helps.  I know they often don’t but I can return it if need be.  I guess if I can’t fix it my box will end up in the bin.
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    With 44% signal strength, I’d say your aerial is not up to snuff, despite your TV being able to pull in these channels.

    More a case of the TV being heroic, rather than the YouView box sucking.

    And YouView boxes do seem to be pickier than televisions anyway; perhaps because they have two tuners to the average TV’s one, perhaps because they set themselves a standard that recording needs to be a reliable process, an issue TVs generally don’t have to contend with.

    But I daresay your earlier aerial issues will have been compounded by the recent London changes; I see from the article Visionman references that if you talk to Freeview, take their advice and still have issues, they will apparently get a man round for you (though at whose expense isn’t specified - best ask them) to look at your aerial, and make recommendations.

    • If retuning does not restore access, especially if you've lost access to any of the main five channels, Freeview may be able to send a qualified installer to your home. This service is available when: (1) Your house has its own aerial and you don’t have access to satellite or cable TV (2) The problems can be attributed to the frequency changes, and (3) TV services cannot be restored by following Freeview's advice over the phone. (Contact the Freeview Advice Line on freephone 0808 100 0288).
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