BT TV cancellation advice was correct

AndyAndy Posts: 17Member
Just finished a phone call with BT to cancel BT TV after a 12 month contract. They correctly identified it as a YouView box and specifically pointed out that although I will fail to recieve BT subscription items, I would carry on recieving all other non BT features such as on demand and recording. They went on to say I now own the box and was not required to return it, should I wish to carry on using the box with other providers.

All of this was already known to me, but I know of others instances (including myself in the past) where recent missinformation has been given by BT. Perhaps the correct advice is starting to filter down to where it is needed.


  • DanielDaniel Posts: 1,800Member ✭✭
    Its beginning to look like it's CHRISTMAS. Shout it loud from the ROOFTOPS fantastic that's someone from BT give the CORRECT information.
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