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I have bought a new YouView box. My old box has hundreds of recordings which I am slowly ploughing through. The old box is attached to my tv by scart plug. It has been very slow for ages now (hence buying a new box) and to speed it back up I used to soft reboot it every 2 weeks or so. Can I soft reset the old box with it just connected by scart or should I plug in the tv aerial to do this. I don’t want to lose my 70% recordings! I’m also wondering if it’s slow because it’s plugged in by scart only?



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    The soft reboot does not get involved with the tuning, and nor does it require the internet.

    Your box is not slow because you are using SCART.

    It may be slow because of the number of recordings you have, so delete them as soon as possible after you have watched them. You may find things improve as you get below 50%, though even the 50% won’t be as fast to handle as a box that was only ever 50% full, due to likely fragmentation across your hard disc.

    And no, there is nothing easy you can do to reduce this fragmentation. 
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    Thanks. It’s on its last legs and I have bought a new one which is set up hdmi. It’s been slow for months and soft rebooting speeds it up for a couple of weeks at a time.

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