Youview BT2100 troubleshooting - erratically/jumping menus options/channels etc

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This afternoon I have had to try & resolve my Mother's Youview PVR. She couldn't channels + when I looked ramdon movement on EPG guide. If you move up one with remote, it suddenly either jumps a few channels or spins along for a long while up the channels. If you try typing in a channel, it will not always respond. I did all the normal checks + switched off/back on & performed Factory & Software reset via Maint menu, still a problem. I then put the box in another room & it was OK. Also I tried another remote from another Youview BT2100 & same symtoms. The internet runs on Powerline plug connectors & up to today has been fine. I am just about to purchase another Enthernet cable to see if this may be problem. I have also reset Router. Has another else had problems/any ideas to help. John.


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    Is it a plasma TV your mother has?

    They are known to do this; the solution is to move the YouView box as far away from it as your rack allows, and in particular into the TV’s ‘shadow’ so it isn’t affected by the screen.
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
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    Hi Roy,
    Thank you. It's a Samsung Smart Tv. I have even looked at this & reset Tv to factory settings & still same problem. The Samsung TV was set up with universal remote setting so that both Youview & Samsung remote worked Youview box EPG. I thought this might have been part of problem, but it wasn't. BUT a short while ago, I finally managed to overcome problem for time being with gaffer tape stick over remote sensor at front of Youview box along the righthand  side of box. Now seems to work ok. If you take agger tape off it goes back to problems of jumping menus & being erratic. The BT 2100 was purchased a while ago online on EBay & is a BT brown box branded Youview. Not sure if there is a problem who to address for replacement box. My mother doesn't have receipt or subscription with BT. I wonder who will help if probelm: Bt or Humax or Youview to provide free replacement . . . . Under the Sles of Goods act electrical products should last longer than 1-2 years? I have just wasted an afternoon trying to fix. Plus now need to reset Samsung Tv back to colour settings that took me ages to configure. John
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    I’m not sure how, with gaffer tape stuck over the sensor, you can actually operate the YouView box from its remote. But people have seen good results from black gauze over the sensor, which cuts out the rogue sources of IR (infrared) interference with the YouView box, while still letting the remote do its job.

    The question, then, is what is interfering? Bright sunlight is one possibility, albeit that is in rather short supply at the moment. Smart lightbulbs is another, maybe an electric fire; what does your mother have in the room that might be throwing stray IR about? Get your smartphone out, and scan the room through it, as if you were about to take a photo; this makes IR visible, so look for something glowing, or flickering, on the phone screen, which doesn’t show up to the naked eye.

    The Sale of Goods Acts make it clear that your contract is with the retailer; lots of luck chasing an eBay seller for a repair or a replacement if the box is faulty. Especially a brown-boxed BT subscription box, which must needs be classed as secondhand, even if the packaging had never been opened.

    Even assuming the Sale of Goods Acts apply, which they don’t for auctioned items, so you would need to be very clear that the item wasn’t being offered for auction purchase, even if you did a Buy It Now.

    Anyways up, unless you had a transferable, unexpired, warranty in the box with BT or Humax that you could show them, with proof of purchase, no-one is going to give you a free replacement; certainly not YouView.

    The good news though, is that the box is likely fine, and you just need to track down and eliminate the cause of the rogue IR in the room.
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
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    Good morning Roy,
    Rather a puzzle. Well everything seems ok this morning. I think it may have been something to do with Energy sensor that we have plugged in. It has Wifi. I have disconnected this & will keep an eye if this affects the Remote signal. Thank you for your advice & help. John
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