Can't see Any freeview channels on TV or Setupbox

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Background - 

We moved into a new house and previous tenant never had a TV [4 years] but there was an Aerial plug. 

I got BT TV and connected to TV, subscription channels work well but scan couldn't find any Aerial channels. Tried both on the Setup box and then on the TV but scan failed in both. 

Tried closing and taking out of the socket and then scanning again but nothing seems to work. Netflix and subscription work well and good quality. 

Had a Virgin media account with same TV and all worked well in previous flat. Tried replacing the Aerial cable twice and still nothing.

Checked Freeview website and local area supports 33 channels and 11 HD :/

Any ideas? 


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    I guess the first question to ask is do you have an aerial on your roof, or in the loft. If the previous tenant didn't have a TV, they wouldn't have known whether the aerial was working or not, or if it had suffered wind damage etc.

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    We moved into a new house (really new), and there were aerial sockets throughout, and satellite sockets as well, and all were cabled in, but the cables just ended in the loft, where it was our choice what sort of aerial or satellite dish we wanted, and our job to arrange for its installation.

    So just because there is an aerial socket does not mean there is necessarily an aerial connected to it; though hopefully you too have cables behind it, going to the loft, which will make the installation of your choice of aerial easier.
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