HD channels vanished since 'Freeview changes in my area'

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My current Youview (DTR2100) was working perfectly until I was watching the Masters last weekend on BBC2 HD and the signal was oddly, very patchy (but fine on BBC2). I did check the Freeview site at the time and they cited that there have been 'Changes were recently made to Freeview signals in your area' and to perform a retune in order to recapture some, not all, HD channels. In fact it still states that now.

Since then, I have had no HD channels whatsoever. I always switch off at the mains the Youview (and TV) when not in use and I have performed a soft reset. I've retuned without an aerial and again with an aerial and still no HD channels. I have no HD channels on my TV if I plug the aerial directly to the TV. There are no hidden channels.

I've scoured this forum and could not find any other obvious checks to perform.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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    Is your transmitter Crystal Palace?

    That the same issue appears on the TV direct indicates that this may be the issue alluded to by Visionman here.
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