Pop up ad in youview???



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    Ah, now I understand where your coming from.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    I know this is an old thread but ....

    ive had two BT pop up adverts in the last few weeks in the epg that needed clearing before I could continue. annoying. 

    I’m a BT customer but don’t subscribe to BT tv. 

    I don’t want or need BT spamming my TV. 
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    Roy said:
    Hi @Sarah

    I am a (reluctant) BT customer, but not a BT TV customer.

    You know my views on even seeing BT TV on my boxes; I think it is wrong, and should not be there unless I subscribe to BT TV.

    I do hope that when you say BT customers, regarding BT highlights, you mean BT TV customers?

    Or I will be looking to see how much spare space there is in my blue bin, which goes out tomorrow  :s
    Yep I agree with this. I'm a retail Youview user. I'm not a BTTV customer, but BT provide the internet ( no other choice)
    Since I've changed to BT internet I've been trying to ignore the horrendous purple branding & the BT tv logo ( not to mention the non-functioning app and BT programs in search results). This isn't the same box I bought at retail, and looks nothing like the pictures that were advertised on the packaging, I happily bought Youview (retail), and the branding and look were part of that. Theres nothing to say this is a Youview box now. The BT branding take over (in the middle of the night), feels a bit like those fairy tale stories of changelings. This isn't the same Youview box :( 

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