[Discussion] Humax retail software update 29.104.0

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Hi all,

Please feel free to discuss the latest Humax retail software update 29.104.0 in this discussion thread.


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    Hi @Philip Trott - your link above is incorrect.
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    Edited! The link should now work :) 

    Thanks Keith! 
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    Great thanks! I thought the old 1010 was left behind.
  • MalGMalG Posts: 2Member
    Have to say that I’ve been having a number of issues with the latest update that has required reboot the Humax several times a day.
    Have yet to determine a usage pattern that could be the root cause. 
    The one common factor is having the box on for a long time, over 8 or more hours of continual usage, include watching a mix of recording and live programmes, with a bit of myTV access to delete watched programmes. 
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    T10x0 boxes are getting quite old now and it is possible that the problem that you are experiencing with yours is symptomatic of failing hardware. As the boxes age their capacitors tend to drift off spec and they generate more heat than they should, affecting other components such as the hard drive. The fact that it plays up after it has been on a while would suggest that this might be the case with yours.

    How old is your box? Does it get hot after it has been on a while?
  • Sgt_BilkoSgt_Bilko Posts: 66Member
    Yesterday I had the box scheduled to record the Grand Prix, so I carried on working at the computer with the TV and YouView box left on standby. I came down to watch it just a few minutes before the recording was due to end and after I woke up the YouView box a message appeared saying the race was now being recorded...

    The problem is that it hadn't started recording until the blue light was showing on the box, rather than the orange, so I only ended up with the last 5 minutes, while they were talking about the race.

    This has happened since the box automatically upgraded to 29.104.0 and has never occurred before. I'm on one of the old 10 series boxes. 
  • SarahSarah Posts: 658Administrator admin
    Hi @Sgt_Bilko

    I've dropped you an email regarding this so we can investigate further :) 

  • dreamtimedreamtime Posts: 139Member
    This is a widespread problem. Taking a while to find out what the bug is in the software update.
  • Tim CTim C Posts: 273Member ✭✭
    All seems to have happened since the Freeview re-tunes in April, but only on Youview boxes & perhaps only the Humax ones at that.
  • dreamtimedreamtime Posts: 139Member
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    Happens on my T2100 and I am not in an area that has had to retune.
  • Sgt_BilkoSgt_Bilko Posts: 66Member
    Sarah said:
    Hi @Sgt_Bilko

    I've dropped you an email regarding this so we can investigate further :) 

    Hello Sarah, 

    For some reason your message didn't show up in my inbox here, but I did receive it by email on my computer. To answer your questions I'm on the recommended smart standby and connected by a direct ethernet cable. 

  • MalGMalG Posts: 2Member
    Again, today I’ve had my YouView box freeze up after just over an hour of use, switching between pre-recorded programmes and live TV every 10-15 mins or so. Fast-forwarding the pre-recorded programme to selected elements to watch and deleting programmes once finished. I do not except the argument that it is the age of the device. 
    I work in the software industry and simple believe that the current YouView software is not fit for purpose and full of bugs. Problems started when the interface was “updated” to the new UI design (loosing many features in the process) during the switch last year and has got worst since latest update. If not fit for older hardware the update(s) should not have been forced upon older devices.  
    Frankly I will not recommend YouView to anyone now, and will not be buying another YouView based box.
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    How old is your retail box, MalG?
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    MalG said:
    I do not except the argument that it is the age of the device.
    The age of the device is not the issue per se. Our 5+ year old T1000 runs the latest software without any problems. The issue is failing hardware, which becomes more likely as the device ages.
  • andyyvandyyv Posts: 1Member
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    I forcibly received this update at about the same time I read this article 

    Head of Test at YouView gives tips to shipping good quality code

    Google it - it really made me laugh. I worked in software development for over 30 years. If I produced such poor code as this I would be thoroughly ashamed and, as a contractor,expect to be 'let go'. Let alone for it 'pass' any sort of testing phase. The only reason I discovered I had a new update was when trying to track down the constant freezes that suddenly started happening and having to cycle the mains every day. To say this is due to failing hardware is ludicrous. Hardware was fine, new update and suddenly my hardware (and an awful lot of others') is now mysteriously failing? I think not. Was this tested at all? Just this morning I found the box had not gone to sleep, BBC1 was showing fine except the title and progress bar was showing, the picture was dimmed and it would not respond to any button presses - only possible action was to  cycle the mains. Often the box decides to have a bit of a snooze for 2 or 3 minutes and then whizzes through all the key presses at top speed that you have aimlessly been pressing to get the thing to respond. This is ALL since the new upgrade.
    The only failing hardware is the shoddy remote where buttons fail to respond.
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