Recent upgrade

lyndaelyndae Posts: 2Member
since the April upgrade we regularly have to reboot our entire system !?


  • VisionmanVisionman Posts: 8,764Member ✭✭✭
    How old is your box and which/what model is it?
  • lyndaelyndae Posts: 2Member
    This is our original box so approx 7 years ! Will get on to BT about getting an upgrade
  • SarahSarah Posts: 658Administrator admin
    Hi @lyndae

    Welcome to the forum! 

    If you are still with BT since getting your YouView box, they may be able to upgrade it for you if the current one seems to not be working particularly well. You can find their contact details here

    In the meantime, it might be worth you trying a maintenance mode reset number 2 as this may help with your box performance until you get a replacement. 

  • Max2010Max2010 Posts: 28Member
    Have had the same problem i used software update now the box goes into maintenenance mode and has deleted my recordings :(
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