Signal Issue

richwxm1987richwxm1987 Posts: 3Member
My BT Youview box, wont pick up any Freeview channels but my TV will. The aerial is new and even when i connect to a booster, the box wont get anything. l'm having to loosely put the coax copper end into the Youview box and its now picking up all channels. 

The aerial is pointing to Winter Hill but, the Wrexham Rhos transmitter is a stones throw away from my home. I don't understand why the TV has no issue but the Youview box does.


  • RoyRoy Posts: 14,683Member ✭✭✭
    Can you post a picture of the arrangement that works? It sounds like you are dismantling a home-made aerial cable to get this to work.

    I suggest you try a professionally made aerial cable instead; and if it still does not work, get BT to replace the box, if it has never worked, as it would then seem that there is a dead short in the aerial connection.

    One that your ‘poke the wire in’ fix avoids by floating the earth on the box aerial connection instead of grounding it, and grounding via some other circuitous route through your house wiring.
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