DN370T ex TalkTalk box now states "Your box has failed to start properly" version: 70.44.212

Max2010Max2010 Posts: 29Member
DN370T ex TalkTalk box now states after waking up screen, and please wait  and loading "Your box has failed to start properly"

Recovery Software version: 232024
Manufacturer Software version 70.44.212
Front Panel Software 105008 

This occurred after my programs failed to record only recording first few minutes two or three days ago. Then the box started locking up on a channel and would not react to remote control to change channel and then or get to guide. It would only turn off. This was cured by turning of the box at the rear switch. I eventually asked the box to do  a software update and this caused this fault to go into this  mode "Your box has failed to start properly" and then into maintenance mode . There was no option that worked to get out of this and every option fails removing my recordings. This only went really wrong after this update of software.

why is your software not being checked before release . Why is my box and recording no longer functioning?

I have been unable to find a USB version of the software that so that I can put a previous version of the software back on the box through a USB key . I have looked over the internet for this and cannot find a link to download old software to reinstate box. Can someone help?
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