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    I know it wasn't. But I found your wry (but correct) observation funny.
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    Roy said:

    In a recent announcement, sadly under-reported (think ‘not reported’) in this Community, given YouView’s close ties with, and financial dependence upon, BT, said company has unexpectedly revealed plans to part with its chief executive, Gavin Patterson.

    As is well known, this is what companies invariably do when everything in the garden is lovely, and the CE has not landed them in any sort of ‘predicament’, oh no, perish the thought  >:)

    "BT Group has hired Credit Suisse to offload its Italian unit, pounded by accounting scandal, the Telegraph reports.

    That won't generate much in proceeds, after the company effectively wrote BT Italia down to zero in the aftermath of the fraud scandal.

    But it does usher in a new period where BT could retreat internationally amid a need to streamline its business. It could also set up assets in Germany and Japan for sale, according to the report."

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    Amazon Prime appeared on my BT YouView box overnight. A quick test revealed no surround even though the programs are labelled 5.1 in the app. Surround was working from the BT Sports channels so I know it should work if available. Still better than streaming from Chrome though (first world problems eh?)
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    @Steve_M I presume you have a 2100 box. How are you connected to get surround, is it via your TV to a soundbar / AV Amp or direct from the box. Are you using optical or HDMI.

    I know the Netflix app doesn't have surround from the G4 but does from the G5, I haven't seen anyone else complaining yet about missing surround but maybe it is early days and the prime app is going to follow the Netflix app in only having surround on the G5 box. although there are still people that can't get surround on Netflix on the G5 box and that is to do with the setup (usually feeding to TV first gives the problems).

    Unfortunately I can't confirm or deny anything as I only have a G5 box. Hopefully someone on here can.

  • Steve_MSteve_M Posts: 2Member
    Scott it's a smallish "puck" the same size as my now tv smart box.  Sound is via the tv from an optical cable. I tried the netflix app (I usually use the one on the tv - which doesn't have a prime app) and this doesn't even pretend to have 5.1. No sound labelled at all so just stereo. As I said, with this setup the bt hd channels that I have that offer surround work fine. Indeed anything that offers surround works fine.
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    Steve, I am guessing that is the Z4 zapper box (non recording). Unfortunately I really don’t know about that box but even the G5 box needs a HDMI connection to utilise surround sound from the Netflix app so guessing you may need to try a hdmi connection to fully test the amazon app (I know other channels etc will work with optical but this seems to be a bit of a sticking point on other setups, does your tv have an arc out and your soundbar/av amp have a hdmi in)
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