No picture through BBC iPlayer and Netflix apps when on channel whose transmission has ended

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Hi Youview Team,

I have a little feedback to share on the otherwise excellent Youview.

I have noticed a little gremlin in the system.  Often I come downstairs after putting my kids to bed and go directly onto Netflix or BBC iPlayer.  When I start a program, I can hear the audio but receive no picture.

I have since discovered that the reason is the TV channel is tuned to Youview channel 205, Cbeebies.   The transmission on this channel ends at 1900 hrs each day.  If I switch to a channel that is currently being broadcast, such as 101, BBC1, then reload Netflix, the sound and picture start successfully.

This is an issue I have been having for many months.  It is only now I have remembered to comment on the forum.  It occurs on other channels whose transmission has ended, such as 204 CBBC. It affects BBC iPlayer, Netflix.  Not tested on other apps.




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    Nobody else has reported this problem, AFAICT, and I cannot reproduce it at all on my T2000. Not on CBeebies at 22:00, nor on several other channels that are not currently broadcasting.

    So I think it is a strictly local issue with your box, albeit a real one; this is the sort of strange thing YouView boxes do when their running software goes ever so slightly awry.

    Have you tried a soft reset? Touch the On/Standby button on the left of the fascia of the box (or the central ring if this is one of the early T10x0 models, shown by it having the mains go into the box, not via a power brick) for just over 8 seconds until it soft reboots.

    If this does not cure it, we can walk you through a more drastic Maintenance Mode Reset - though one which will still preserve your recordings, at least.
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    Hi Roy

    I appreciate you testing this out.  I reset the box but the fault remains. 
    I tried switching the channel to 205 and using Netflix and it worked fine.
    The issue seems to be if the tv has been left on 205 when the transmission ended. 

    Live broadcasting ends at 1900 hrs on channel 205 and 2100 hrs on channel 204.

    I think if you were to turn to channel 204 at 2058, switch off Youview box into standby.  Wait 2 minutes for the broadcast to end, then turn on Youview and directly attempt to access Netflix without changing channel, you may see the issue.
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    Cheers, @dm75

    I certainly did not try the exact recipe you describe; but I’m abroad at the moment, so it may be tricky to reproduce, even though I have a T1000 here and can get the BBC iPlayer (and maybe Netflix too now it isn’t allowed to block on geo-location any more), as I would need a Spanish channel that goes off-air like CBeebies does.

    I wonder if @Sarah can get some kind soul at YouView Towers to check this out, as we have no other reports here than mine; which, as you say, did not test the more fully qualified problem statement.
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  • SarahSarah Posts: 963Administrator admin
    Hi @dm75

    Thanks for trying the things Roy suggested. We've not heard of the same issue happening to others before so it does seem to be a localised issue however we are interested to hear from others if they are also experiencing the same thing or can recreate the same problem. 

    Have you tried doing the same from other channels which have cut off times like CBeebies such as Pop Max (9pm-6am), CBBC (9pm-7am) and C-ITV (6pm-6am) to see if the same thing happens with those as well?

  • dm75dm75 Posts: 4Member
    Hi Sarah, ok I will try as you suggest tonight and report back.  It is probably just me having issues :)
  • dm75dm75 Posts: 4Member
    The same thing happened on a channel currently being broadcast, so it must be something else.  I don't want to hard reset my box if it means losing my recordings and scheduled recordings.  I can live with it.  If I discover what is triggering it, I will report back.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I recommend then, the Maintenance Mode 4 I hinted at above.

    Give it a go, choosing the instructions for your particular box, and following them carefully.

    It will preserve your recordings, and I am told that your Scheduled recordings will slowly creep back onto your box from the cloud, though you will need to retune, and to reestablish any non-standard Settings, and any App pairings.

    But I think it worth it, if your box has gone individually strange, or even if it hasn’t and you can come back and say ‘Hey, real problem’.
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  • h123h123 Posts: 1Member
    I have this problem too! My youview box gets left on 205 with the TV on, I take the kids to bed, when I (eventually) come back down and start something on Iplayer, I get sound but no picture. Soft reset sorts it but it comes back again. I have been on the phone to the helpdesk who tried troubleshooting. An engineer came out today and replaced the box - same fault tonight. I didn't know it was related to 205 until I read this - too much of a coincidence I think. dm75 did you resolve it?
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    Hi @h123 and @dm75

    We never got any feedback from you, @dm75, as to whether you tried MM4, or if you did, if it worked to solve this issue for you or not. But it is something you might like to try carrying out, @h123, even on a replaced box.

    Moving on, I am back in the UK now, so I can try this exactly to your recipe, if you like.

    AIUI, I tune to CBeebies before 19:00, let the box go past 19:00, and then try the BBC iPlayer or Netflix, and if I experience what you experience, I should have sound only.

    But a few questions:-

    (i) What box, what ISP, current subscription to BT, Plusnet or TalkTalk or not, and what YouView software version are you running?

    (ii) @dm75 mentions going into standby, but neither of you seem to be saying that you go into standby - you just leave the YouView box as it is while you put the kids to bed, and when you come back, you have the issue.

    So is Standby part of this recipe or not, and if so, how long do you leave it (i.e. how long do you spend putting the kids to bed), and what standby mode are you using; Always Ready, Smart Standby or Energy Saver? As the 20-minute ‘deep sleep’ timeout could be part of this, if you use standby here.

    (iii) When and where does the ‘no picture’ start? If I had no picture when I went into either player, I wouldn’t be able to navigate to anything.

    So are you saying you get all the menus, etc., but it’s just when you actually start some video playing that the issue occurs?

    Please let me know the answers to these questions, so I know what I am looking for, and I can try this at 19:00 this evening, on the box I have that is most like yours.
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  • RoyRoy Posts: 14,687Member ✭✭✭
    Nobody answered  :/

    But I tried it anyway. No problems at all - BBC iPlayer was fine, Netflix was fine, we went straight into Buster Scruggs, and just finish enjoying it, picture and sound.

    FWIW, CBeebies doesn’t seem to actually go off air, as there is still a still present...
    I see the police have a new call-in code: DOE, for ‘Driving Offences Excused’
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