Failed recordings

davebdaveb Posts: 1Member
If I try to watch a recoding as it records it won't  open  from the  beginning and the start of the  recording  is lost


  • LukеLukе Posts: 26Member
    It works for me on the models I am using, the versions of software I am using, the channels I record that support accurate recording and the programmes that I record.  What you are doing different from me?
    Also there is no difference between if I play a recording before it has completed recording and if I play a similar recording after it has completed recording. What you are doing different from me?

    I understand reticence concerning publishing details about yourself on-line but if you are posting for a resolution you will need to reveal a bit more about your recording habits.

    As not all channels support recording from the start (i.e. accurate recording or complying with the supplied p/f eit) you could start by monitoring which channels this happens on.
    One of the other possibilities is that you are recording a lot, and the programme cannot start recording until one of the others has finished recording. 

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