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I have a 2 year old BT Youview box that is connected to the internet through a BT Broadband Extender Flex.Since I recently moved to Hyperoptic,I haven't been able to pick up the internet on it which means none of the players are working.
I have rebooted the Youview box and the Hyperoptic router and manually changed the IP Address,Subnet Mask,Default Gateway and Primary DNS.The router is too far from the Youview box,so I can't connect via an Ethernet cable.Both blue lights on the Youview box are on.
Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can resolve this problem?


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    You don’t say which BT YouView box you have, but on page 44 of what is probably your Userguide, two blue lights means On and Broadband OK.

    BT do not explain how far-reaching ‘Broadband OK’ is; whether the box can merely see the router but no further, or if there’s an actual external connection on the internet being reached.

    The first thing you should do, unless you know exactly what you are doing and why (and in which case you wouldn’t be asking here) is to put the  Connection on the box back to Auto.

    Then you should turn off the Hyperoptic router, the Broadband Extender Flex devices, and the YouView box, preferably disconnecting mains power to each one so they really quiesce, and wait three minutes.

    Then you should turn on the router, and wait for it to settle.

    Then the Extender at the router end, and let that settle.

    Then the Extender at the YouView box end, and let that settle.

    Finally, turn on the YouView box again, and let that settle.

    Now see, if you can, what it says about the Connection under Settings, and check, if it looks good, that you can access a Player.

    If still no go, you should, if you can, move the YouView box near enough to the router to make a direct Ethernet connection (no need to try to plug in the aerial), and see if that works.

    If it does work now, the Extenders are the culprit, so call the BT Helpline on 0800 111 4567, to discuss this with them.

    If it still doesn’t, though, call Hyperoptic support, and see what they say.

    If there is still no go after trying Hyperoptic’s suggestions, if any, though, also call the BT Helpline in this case.

    I see the police have a new call-in code: DOE, for ‘Driving Offences Excused’
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    Just to add to Roy's excellent advice, I have Hyperoptic at home, and it works beautifully, my first instinct would be to blame your broadband extenders, but definitely follow all Roy's steps where possible.
    Let us know what model you have, too.
  • redandwhiteredandwhite Posts: 2Member
    edited 2 June 2018, 3:10PM
    Thanks for all your suggestions,I have been a away for a few days,so only just had time to come back to this problem.
    I have tried the box on auto and manual connection,but neither will connect and this has been the case since the day my BT contract ended.The box linked up to the internet until then.Restarting the devices didn't improve anything either.
    My Youview Box Model Name is DTR-T2100/500G/BT/DF.
    After reading your thoughts on this problem,I am coming to the conclusion that the  BT Broadband Extender 500 Flex Kit doesn't work on a router other than BT's own,so my next move will be to look at extenders that are known to be compatible with Hyperoptic and as you advised,a couple of questions on the Hyperoptic forum should help.
    Thank you to all for you advice on this matter

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