Two Humaxes in the same room

countryman2countryman2 Member Posts: 48
I've Googled this and seen it's come up before but a while ago.  Just wondering if anyone has found a simple way to use two Humaxes in the same room without having to physically keep turning one or the other on/off.


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 16,938 ✭✭✭
    Have a black cloth, and drape it over the IR sensor of the box you don’t want to respond.

    The IR sensor on a T2000 is in the middle of the left of the fascia, about halfway between the Power button and the central ring. You can see it if you shine a torch on the fascia, which is actually transparent, though it does not look it.

    There is no provision with YouView boxes for alternate sets of remote commands.

    Your next question will likely be about the inability to have two copies of the YouView app on one device, such as an iPhone or an iPad.

    It can be fudged on Android phones, though it’s a bit tricky; but the easiest solution on all phones and tablets is to download the BT version of the app, and pair that with the second box.

    This can also save you some remote keypresses, making the black cloth trick a little less inconvenient.
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    If one of the boxes isn't Youview then it's control channel can be changed so as not to clash with the Youview box.
  • countryman2countryman2 Member Posts: 48
    Thanks Roy..I was wondering where the IR receiver was located.
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