Humax DTR-T!000

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When I do a software update it says I have the latest update, but it is the latest update of software version 20.9.0, whereas the latest software version is 29.104.0, how do I et my box to update software to the latest version (I have also tried a full factory reset through maintenance mode)


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    Is it BT or Retail? (Not that that should make any difference here, but it may help to know).

    20.9.0 is awfully old - 23/10/2014, and probably OldGen, not even a new NextGen version.

    Where has the box been for the past three and a half years? 

    But check it is connected to the internet - can you watch anything on catchup, for instance, or get Netflix?

    If not, remake the internet connection, and try again.

    But if you have internet connectivity, but still cannot get the update, maybe YouView themselves will need to respond - perhaps the latest NextGen releases no longer support the upgrade from OldGen, or OldGen no longer ‘sees’ the NextGen releases?

    Be careful what you wish for though - a lot of people still prefer OldGen, and might pay good money for a YouView box ‘stuck’ on it  :p
    Where do all those characters that you type in search boxes and which never appear go to?
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