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I have a Youview DTR2000 and recently I have regularly had failed recordings or recordings where the current week of a series is not recorded there is no failure message but the schedule is set up for the following week without this week being recorded. My box has the latest software and I retuned the channels recently due to this issue and although things got better for a short while I am now back where I started with regularly failed recordings. There is no pattern to the failures as several programs will record during the week and a couple will not record.


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    Hi @AK

    Thanks for letting us know about this, we have a number of other users experiencing a similar issue over on this thread and our team are currently investigating it.

    If you could drop me a private message with the following would be very helpful for the investigation:

    ·         Roughly when you retuned your YV box

    ·         Postcode (please do not post this publicly, please send it to me as a private message)

    ·         Standby settings

    ·         How the recording was set (through app – iOS or Android or setting directly on the box)

    ·         Programmes/channels which failed to record

    ·         When the failed recordings started occurring



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    Hi Sarah,

    how do I send a private message, I have never done that before.
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    I can say that I live in the South West and I retuned my both my youview boxes when I saw a service alert message on the youview website for viewers in the south west saying a retune of youview boxes was needed, this was several weeks ago in early May I think.

    My standby settings are Auto Standby: 3 hours
    Standby Mode: SMART
    Start Deep Sleep: 1AM
    End Deep Sleep: 5AM

    All recordings were set using the remote control direct to the box.

    For the time this has been going on I think most of the channels I watch have had a failed recording at some point but the most recent (this last week) are 5USA, 5Spike, E4 and More4.
    I know that I have recently also had failures with ITV, BBC2, Channel 4 and Quest (prior to this last week) and the times of the programs has has varied.

    These failures started happening at least a couple of months ago so before I retuned the channels and have continued since the retune although things did seem better for a couple of weeks after the retune. I can't remember exactly how long this has been going on, the information I am providing is to the best of my memory.

    The scheduled recordings that have just not recorded and show no failed recording message but the recording then schedules for the next week is a new issue this week is the first time this has happened this was a program on 5USA at 9pm.

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    AK said:
    Hi Sarah,

    how do I send a private message, I have never done that before.
    Choose by clicking (mouse) or tapping (touchscreen) the little envelope on the right in the black bar at the top of the screen. Using a laptop is best, if you have the choice - see below.

    Choose ‘New Message’ (which is in tiny blue text).

    In ‘Recipients’, start typing Sarah, until a drop-down list appears, and choose her name from that.  You can’t just type the recipient you want, you have to get it from the drop-down.

    On my iPad, it can take several goes to achieve this, or I type Sarah and nothing happens, and the list only appears when I start back-spacing. I have reported this to YouView as an issue with Vanilla, but nothing has been done about it  :'( 

    Once you have the Recipient’s name up, type in the box below it, and Post the message just as if you were posting here. But the posting will only go to that Recipient, which is what you want here.

    For completeness, I will mention that you can set several Recipients, and PM a small group as easily as you PM one person, but this isn’t needed here - just PM Sarah.
    Where do all those characters that you type in search boxes and which never appear go to?
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    Thanks Roy
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    AK said:
    Hi Sarah,

    how do I send a private message, I have never done that before.

    Roy has given one way. As you know Sarah has commented on this thread another way is to simply click on her name or avatar on one of her messages, then when her profile pops up click the prominent 'message' link.
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    and thank you as well Orange Bucket, I have now sent sarah a very comprehensive message and I know for future reference how to send (two ways) a private message.
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