BBC Four Hidden Series linking 9 pm Saturdays

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Root cause in my opinion is probably missing for incorrect Freeview EPG data however.

Hidden is a series showing from 9pm Saturdays on BBC Four and BBC Four HD. the first episode is tonight 9th June (ep1) , a further episode (ep2) is on 16th June.

i receive my Freeview channels from Crystal Palace.

it appears that tonight’s ep1 is NOT identified as part of a series on BBC Four SD  , ep2 is.
both tonight’s ep1 and next weeks ep 2 ARE identified as part of a series on the BBC Four Hd channel.

I have checked the situation on non Youview  Freeview boxes as well as the Youview box  and believe that there is a clearly a problem with the data supplied , specifically the SERIES CRID does not seem to be present  for the SD channel ep 1 but is for the HD channel.


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    Hi @zulu17

    I've checked with our Content team and it does seem like 'Hidden' on BBC Four SD was a one off where the episode was not linked to a series due to the data provided to us not being correct. We'll keep an eye on it for the incoming data for future episodes to see if it's linked correctly.

    Thanks for raising this!

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