No sound

ClintClint Posts: 16Member
Recently I've noticed if I turn my BT Youview box on before my TV I will get picture but no sound, changing channel seems to fix it.
I haven't changed anything.
Any ideas what might be causing this?



  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,198Member ✭✭✭
    Does your BT box turn the TV on, when you start the box first?

    Either way, it’s probably one of those minor derangements that YouView boxes seem to suffer when a bit somewhere in the megabytes of running code gets flipped to 0 when it should be 1, or vice versa.

    Try a soft restart first; while not recording, nor about to, touch the On/Standby Button on the fascia of the box for just over 8 seconds, and it will restart.

    Come back and tell us if this solved the sound issue; if not, we can introduce you to the joys of the Maintenance Modes.
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