DTRT1000 crashing

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Hi all,
Since Tuesday (it's now Saturday) our box has been consistently crashing. We thought it was only when watching recordings, but after performing a factory reset yesterday the box has crashed again today whilst watching BBC iPlayer (no recordings made yet).
When the box crashes, the TV goes blank - but still on - and the box power/status light remains blue, but the scrolling text on the front of the box stops moving. Often we can hold the power button in for 5-10 seconds and the box will restart, but sometimes we have to pull the mains power out.
Unplugging from the mains can work for a while, but the longer we leave it unplugged (talking 6 hours at least) the longer the box will work when it's powered back on.

Given all we've tried, including the reset, I think the box is now faulty. We just weren't wanting to spend the £120+ for a new box.



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    Is there anything in particular that prompts the "crashing?" Is this a retail box, or a BT branded one, if the latter was it sourced directly from BT?  Which software version is it running? And who is your ISP? Sorry for all the questions, but this may help to direct you better. The fact is though that the T1000 is quite an old bit of kit and may have just reached the end of its useful life.
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