BBC 4K HDR Trial to be extended to Wimbledon Coverage.

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This will follow on from the World Cup Football 4K HDR trial with a few significant differences.


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  • stereohavenstereohaven Posts: 58Member
    I have watched some of the games via my LG TV in 4K HLG and the picture is fab, but they seem to have forgotten one very important problem with live sports streams.

    Watching a stream that is 90 seconds behind the live broadcast on "normal" TV means you know what has happened before you see it because your neighbours raised voices have already told you!
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    Thats your neighbours fault. :)
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    Visionman said:
    That’s your neighbours’ fault. :)
    Quite. Do they not realise that legally they are restricted to the quietest murmurings of approbation?  :p
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