Signal quality issues with BT boxquality issues with BT box

Ken Hill1Ken Hill1 Posts: 53Member
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i lost the signal on channel 95 epg  freesport and on channel 55 5 star +1 and few more channel too the funny thing this the the sigal and the picture back to normal  at night ?

it just in the day this happening .


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,008Administrator admin
    Hi @Ken Hill1

    Due to this only happening during the day when it's particularly hot, it sounds like this may be caused by the high atmospheric pressure we've been having for the last couple of weeks.

    High atmospheric pressure usually goes alongside fine and clear weather and can cause problems with signal quality which then causes channel disruption and occasionally the loss of channels to your box. 

    This week's forecast is currently looking better than the last for atmospheric pressure (depending on your location) so it'd be worth you trying a retune now as you may be able to pick up the lost channels again. If this doesn't work, maybe leave it till later this evening when it's cooled off a bit and try again. 

  • Ken Hill1Ken Hill1 Posts: 53Member
     Thanks Sarah    Don’t know if you can help me I’ve just lost one channel on my  living room box that is 5USA plus one  on my living room  boxs  the 400 box’s  in my bedroom I got 2100  and I  I have not got the same amount of channels like I’ve got in my living room box I have lost   I went into settings and on my 400 box in the living them I’ve got 154  channels on there one in my    Bed room which is a 2100  box I got 138 channels no there
  • RoyRoy Posts: 14,945Member ✭✭✭
    What are the 16 channels that the 2100 box hasn’t got, and are you sure they aren’t UHD channels that only the 4000 can get?
    Does HDMI stand for Hardly Dare Mention It?
  • Ken Hill1Ken Hill1 Posts: 53Member
    sorry  i did not get back to you roy i was way for 2 day .
    on my t2100 box in my bedroom the channels i lost 
    epg 95 freesport
    more 4+ 1
    94 psb aamerica
    55 5 star +1
    now 80 0n 88
    bbc4 hd 106 there not on the epg on my t 2100 boxs i did a retune but stil had 137 channels on there but not the channels like bbc4hd your freesport  all the channels i put down are on my liveingroom boxs the T 400 .but not on my T 2100 boxs 
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