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Hi, Im not always connected to the internet as my router is a long way from the box, how do i watch recorded programs off freeview channels? Iv read its possible but when i press the blue home button it says i need to connect to internet? 


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    The YouView box has gained the unlovely habit of wanting to be connected to the internet at all times, and not just when it strictly needs to.

    Watching a recording is one of those cases where the internet isn’t strictly needed, and you used to be able to watch recordings just fine while off the grid, but this is no longer the case, alas.

    Having said that, regarding ‘not always connected to the internet’, why does this vary? It can’t be a WiFi issue, as this box doesn’t work via WiFi, so what is changing? Are you carrying the box closer when you want to make a connection? Or throwing out a long Ethernet cable, which you can’t leave connected all the time, in case someone trips over it?

    I’m intrigued....

    But I think PLAs (Power Line Adaptors) are your friend. As no matter how far your box is from the router, you can link them, permanently over the mains with PLAs, and not have this issue.
    Does HDMI stand for Hardly Dare Mention It?
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    If I may ask, why don't you have an internet box (your YouView) permanently connected to the internet? 
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