What happens to software updates when you change ISP

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After last years price increase I left BT and changed to John Lewis (plusnet).
I looked at software versions after the BT branded DBT2200 updated to 31.24.0 which seems to be current for a BT box. 
The BT branded DTRT2100 is still at 29.58.0, which seems to be behind both BT and Retail versions.

I am curious as what should be expected as to software updates?


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    A box always remains on the update schedule for that model and variant of box, no matter if you change ISP.

    31.24.0 is the latest BT software release, but rollouts are phased, and this one is still ongoing.

    The previous release is 29.58.0; so your boxes are consistent with the explanation that the 2200 has received the phased update to 31.24.0, but the 2100 has not yet received it, and is still on the previous release, awaiting its turn to get the latest release. It will come....

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    What happens to software updates when you change ISP

    Nothing. If via an ISP one obtains an ISP box it will remain on that ISPs update cycle no matter who you move to.
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  • Brian HeslopBrian Heslop Member Posts: 14
    Thanks, now I know
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