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Hello all
Ive bought a youview box for in the bedroom. I cant run long cables through the house to connect to the router. Its simply not practical, (without drilling through ceilings and walls.)
is there an adapter i can use, so i can view the on demand channels, without an ethernet cable?
Any links, or information where I can buy these gadgets, and how they work? I was able to set it up, using the connection in the front room, and i took it up stairs, so i can get the guide, for recording, and watching normal TV.  But im missing alot of the features.


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    Powerline adapters generally work well for most users. For these one is connected to your router via ethernet, will transmit the received signal via the mains to the second adapter connected to your youview box. These don't work well on extension leads though.

    Also if your wifi is good in the bedroom a wifi extender that can operate as a client - ie receive a wifi transmission & output that via an ethernet cable to the Youview box is another option.
    TP-Link devices are generally worth a look.
    “Where’s ‘Jump to Time’ and all that other OldGen good stuff that was promised to come back, including the proper ‘Hide Channels’ etc etc.., rather than the unnecessary & unasked for that does get added and serves no useful purpose? Give me optional lists as well :) ."
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    Hi @kathateria

    Welcome to the forum :)

    It sounds like Powerline Adapters (PLA) would be helpful in your case. You get 2 PLA's in a pack; one gets plugged into the wall socket with your Ethernet cable going from there into the router and the other gets plugged into the wall socket near your YouView box with another Ethernet cable going from the PLA into your box. These carry broadband signal through the power sockets so you can get the internet on devices which are not near to your router. 

    You can find out more information about Powerline Adapters and how to set them up here

    Hope that helps! 
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