Smart standby or Always Ready

ClintClint Posts: 16Member
As Smart standby puts the box into deep sleep is there any performance benefit, does it keep the system more stable compared to having the system Always Ready?



  • RoyRoy Posts: 14,945Member ✭✭✭
    Smart Standby should be performance-neutral, but provide a small energy saving over Always Ready.

    However, there are several people who have reported issues with YouView boxes put into deep sleep, and keep theirs Always Ready to avoid these issues.

    Mine is in Smart Standby, and has no such issues; but when my box decided one day not to Mute any more, I finally decided after a few days that I was fed up with having to mute on the TV, and did a soft reset on the YouView box, which fixed the issue.

    But going in and out of deep sleep in Smart Standby hadn’t been enough to fix the issue (and I’m not surprised by that) so I see no performance benefits there.
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  • ClintClint Posts: 16Member
    Ok thanks, think I'll just leave it on Always Ready then.
  • simonp99simonp99 Posts: 9Member
    My DTR4000 only uses 12W whilst on ( measured with a plug in power meter) I had some issues with the box switching to 720p mode so I use always on. My microwave oven uses 5-6W just for the clock, so decided to unplug that instead :-) 

    Also I don't think you get the full low power standby if you have mobile devices set up anyway.
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