Recording finishes before end of programme

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Yes, Sky does not either like people recording their broadcast material or they cannot be bothered to synchronise their programme notification clock with the national network clock because there is nobody free to ensure their local clock is kept synchronised. Clearly in the latter case Sky is arrogant as a world class broadcaster it is everybody else who should synchronise their broadcast clocks with Sky? 

Solution: Time the separation between your recorder clock and the end of recording session and add - subtract the difference until (Pick: Sky) recordings are captured in full. Don't forget to set the EPG slippage configuration to keep all other channel recordings on track despite the time difference. Again Sky does not obey this setting to leave an unusual and difficult to control recording profile unique to its own broadcasts?


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    Are you quite sure you are posting in the right Community?
    These tests for COVID-19 get right up my nose.
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