Display of 4:3 aspect ratio programmes via Humax DTRT2110

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I don't know if this issue is caused by YouView, Freeview, Humax, or the TV channel, but I have documented the behaviour on various devices. 

Channel: CBS Action Freeview 39
Programmes: e.g. Bonanza, High Chaparral, Diagnosis Murder

Humax/BT YouView DTRT2110 (+ Sony TV) -- Stretched to fill the screen.
Other displays (Y button, Search, Guide, Players & Apps, MyTV, Settings are also stretched, so that the left and right sides are not shown.

Other devices:
Humax/BT YouView DTRT4000 (+ Blaupunkt TV) -- 4:3 with black sidebars
Sony TV Freeview -- 4:3 with black sidebars 
Blaupunkt TV Freeview -- 4:3 with black sidebars 
Virgin TiVo (+ Sony TV) -- 4:3 with black sidebars

Both Humax recorders are on 31.28.0.
All connections via HDMI.
I haven't checked other channels that show programmes recorded in 4:3.

Just looked at the guide, and Steptoe and Son happened to be on Drama (Freeview 20).
Challenge Freeview 46 - Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
True Entertainment Freeview 61 - MASH
The results were exactly the same as above.


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    YouView, on receiving a 4:3 programme, encapsulates it in the middle 12:9 of an assumed 16:9 screen*, with a 2:9 black bar each side. And, contrary to DTG recommendations, they throw away the coding that says it was ever 4:3, and present it as ‘native’ 16:9, formatted as above.

    This is enough to defeat any of the processing on most TVs which let you watch 4:3 expanded into 16:9 without black bars - ‘stretchyvision’, as it is disparagingly called. Auntie YouView wants you to see it as per the original director’s vision, without any nodes to your personal preference, or to the bit in the front of the manual for your TV, which says the sky will fall in if you watch with black bars for very long.

    As per your Blaupunkt, which is an ancient and venerable manufacturer’s name whose reputation for quality has attracted some purveyor of ‘value’ TVs to buy it, and badge engineer his TVs with it.

    Your DTR-T2110 Is no different in this respect, as you would see if you hooked it up to the Blaupunkt TV, but the Sony TV is smarter, or more versatile, or something,

    Hard to know, without a screenshot, and some indication of what screen presentation you have chosen on the Sony TV, if it is zoomed that big, thus trimming off top and bottom of the picture, or set to 21:9, thus expanding the picture and trimming off the black bars, or if the TV can actually detect the black bars, and stretch the 12:9 bit in the middle to 16:9 automatically.

    You will also find, I suspect, if you poke about in the screen menus of the Blaupunkt and other TVs, some options for picture adjustment, to show 4:3 in stretchyvision, and these will work for the two Freeview sources, where the fact that it is/was in 4:3 is still encoded in the signal, but not for the YouView box, which throws that information away. Not sure about the TiVo - could go either way, but my money is on it doing stretchyvision if you ask.

    But your multiple observations come down to three variables, and the various combinations of these:-

    What was the signal originally, 16:9 or 4:3?
    What’s it being played through, a YouView box or something else?
    What screen size/aspect ratio is the device it is being shown on set to?

    *Those using old 4:3 TVs, if any such are left, will find this presented as 1:6, 6:6, 1:6, i.e. squashyvision....
    Now away for a bit....
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I kept tinkering :), and I found settings on the Sony TV that affected every input but the one being used for the T2110.

    A bit more digging, and it turns out that the Sony has common settings that affect all inputs, but also allows different settings for each HDMI input that override the common settings, and, somehow, those for the T2110 input were different from the others. My excuse is that the manual describes all the options, but doesn't mention the individual input settings. :)

    I made the Sony "screen" parameters the same for all inputs, and it's fixed!

    Sorry for taking up your time, but perhaps this will be useful information for anyone who has a similar problem in the future.

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    That’s OK, glad you got it all consistent.

    We haven’t had a good ‘stretchyvision/squashyvision’ post for ages; and I suspect those few holdouts with 4:3-only CRT sets have all upgraded now, or gone elsewhere  :p
    Now away for a bit....
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