Live pause problem now sorted with BT 31.28

As above really. My BT DTR 2110 developed an issue with live TV pause, rewing, ffw, skipping etc several months ago immediately after a software update (I forget which one but there have been at least a couple of updates since which made no difference). I complained about this in a thread at the time but was told by more than one contributor that it wasn't a problem with the software but was a box problem in spite of the box never having had it before in maybe three years (?) of use.

Without going into the ins and outs of the discussion at the time (!) I am now happy to report that my box is behaving properly again after the 31.28 update. I now have pause, skip, x6 x30 etc back again. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. There are of course other issues I have with NextGen. Has anyone else had this functionality returned with 31.28?
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