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garyngaryn Posts: 2Member
Hi im sure you will have a fix for this. My Humax t2000 is caught in a rolling startup procedure.It gets so far and then shuts down,any ideas?


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    It may well be a hardware failure, for which only a bench repair will provide a fix, but it is well worth trying a Maintenance Mode Reset. 

    For the T2000, the instructions are:-

    1. Unplug and reconnect power to your box
    2. Press and hold the down navigation touch button on the front of the box for 5 seconds, until you see Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N (Y:POWER) prompt
    3. Press the YouView button on the front of the box. If you do not press the power button within 5 seconds the box will boot up normally
    4. The box should now enter maintenance mode
    5. Choose your preferred option and follow the on screen instructions
    You can read about the preferred options in the link above, but I suggest you choose Option 2 in the first place, as this does not rely on an internet connection, and preserves all your recordings, if this is possible.
    Now away for a bit....
  • garyngaryn Posts: 2Member
    Well it worked for me  Thanks
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