Excellent Marketing - shame not extrodinary service since launch

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The above advert was very good, got people talking and one of the better TV marketing for free to air TV, but no Apps, no content providers and most modern TV's called SMART TV's have all the catch up players and now Freeview play has backward catch up.   So if someone said Why YouView -  I could buy a hard drive recorder and connect it to my TV, or buy Freeview play box - what is USP of Youview,  the promise of content did not happen, the update are now slow, no improvements - is seems that the technical people at Youview may have fallen asleep,  have they run out of funds, are they looking into Amazon Alexa to control boxes why?  there is no apps and not much content to control.  Youview may have given up and now rely on internet providers such as TalkTalk, PLUSNET AND BT to update boxes and add content, but all the hype when the box first introduced - sit back and wait and see the great content the TV can do, just plug in the box and see the wow factor,  I did and at first it was OK but now other players such as FreeView Play have caught up.  Life is not so bright for Youview - but it could be if you add a USP and get some apps on board.
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