Problems with picture missing in recordings.

I have the following problem with my youview box, in recordings that I have recorded, in recordings it lists all programs that have been recorded, there is a small picture above the title but find now that half the small pictures are missing above the title and other titles have the small picture about the recording.
I have a DTR2100 box that has the latest software installed.
any help would be gteat.



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    I think we all have this issue  :/

    And you may find that which tiles do and don’t have pictures will vary as you add and delete recordings, and as you bring the box in and out of standby.

    The problem arises, or is exacerbated by, YouView’s strategy of fetching them from the YouView cloud every time you log on - to see what I mean, pull the Ethernet cable temporarily, and all the tile pictures will instantly be gone.

    Then put the Ethernet cable back in, and the tiles, some, most or all, will slowly return. I have just one missing thumbnail, from 1st August, Arriety from Film Four, though this is very persistent, and may be a Film Four issue, rather than a YouView one.

    But there is nothing to be done but to wait for this ‘missing tiles’ issue to be fixed in a future release, maybe.

    The issue could be greatly improved, if not completely fixed, if the boxes cached the tiles locally; they could still run round and see if there was a new one for each recording, but if they didn’t find one, then use the locally cached one.

    @Sarah, I would be interested to learn if there are any technical barriers to doing this.
    Now away for a bit....
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