BT box will not record

Hi All,

I have a BT DTR-T2100 that will not allow me to record. Pushing the record button on the remote and the box does nothing. The app also fails. The hard drive seems to be working fine though (recordings can be watched and deleted). 

I have done a factory reset keep recordings but I would like to avoid wiping the recordings is possible.

Anyone have any ideas?




  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,199Member ✭✭✭
    edited 10 September 2018, 11:01PM
    I take it you are in the EPG, or watching a live broadcast programme, when you press Record?

    If so, then the good news is that your box is likely recoverable, but the bad news is that it will likely need a full Factory Reset/MM5 to rescue it, and nothing less will suffice.
    Now away for a bit....
  • Cheers Roy. I thought that may be the case but wanted to check if there was another way first. Might put a new harddrive in at the same time in case that is failing, hence the recording issues. 
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