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The TV guide displays good info but some improvements are needed in my opinion.  When you look at the Guide - Pic 1 below  - it varies a bit between retail version, BT and TalkTalk, BT & Humax have more of a blue guide  - TalkTalk B&W  so with Youview no standard theme.

At the bottom off the screen is coloured buttons,  Green On now  Yellow Edit Blue Categories then Icons  Change day and  up and down change page,  no info on record 

When you look at Freeview Play Guide -   it is better in my opinion 
Mini TV in the left and right hand side,  what is on no live top right and top left what is highlighted in the guide.

The buttons are more useful at bottom as it explains how to record press red record butt - it is clearer.

Pic 1   Youview Guide 

See the source image
No info on record  or info on what round circle button is with Icon, a new edit button appears in yellow on latest screen of the guide but no info on recording.

See the source image 

Freeview play   Red Schedule - Green Jump to now   Red Record Timer ReC  OK  Channel up and down and back button -  this makes it clearer to the user.   they know they can record and schedule a timer as it shows them underneath.   A nice mini live TV screen in top right and in top left showing inform on where you are in the Guide.

Come on Youview improve the GUIDE - You have the skills so do it for the good of your new and existing customers.  Youview was once the best you are loosing it to others, don't let them win.


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    Hi SW007, I agree with you on some points, but were you a user of the original Youview software that had the Mini Guide? This was far better, but has been removed with the "rewrite" of the new NEXT GEN software. I don't think Youview will totally rewrite/colour in the Guide as shown. I use various pvrs inc. Freesat/Freeview which yes, have an improved Guide as you quite rightly mentioned. Why not email Youview directly & see if they want some ideas? You never know, they might welcome the help (!) I'm not sure if they will totally revamp guide though. The guide in my opinion has to be the "selling point". You use it every day. The Youview one is clear, but I think the original was better (in my opinion) The one thing that really annoys me (sorry,I repeat myself from previous posts, as I have moaned before), is the dark banner that stays ON when you fast forward/rewind. Not everyone is bothered, but I am, I was happy with the original. Although it goes away on pause/info, it stays on will searching recordings. Getting back to the EPG guide, the Youview software receives regular updates & hopefully Youview will listen to comments/maybe add features/improvements from time to time. Yes Youview team do have skills & many talented software engineers working on resolving bugs, adding improvements. It's just taken nearly 2 years to get back somewhere near to original box minus Discover feature. Enjoy your Youview box SW007. John
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    Correction: I meant Mini Picture Screen  & not Mini guide. Mini guide is included on current software.  Sorry for error anyone reading! John
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    There are many aspects of Next Gen that are good but many that are not so good.   No Mni TV the other version of being underneath the TV guide is useless as you can see it and makes the guide not as clear so I turned it off,  I did have first Gen and have used Humax retail and now use TalkTalk TV.   The updates take years to happen - look how long it took YouView to bring back discover.
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    I still haven't got Discover on my BT2100. Hopefully not long to wait! Yes I agree frustrating, they call this progress. The only point I can make is if only they had left oldgen as it was & launched nextgen on new boxes only in the shops/new boxes sent out. Maybe have given everyone an option to update or at least provide a link to firmware so that you could reverse back to oldgen, but it appears this is not possible due to new software platform. On a positive note at least Youview have let everyone have the opportunity to be included in updating to keep boxes up to date, but I know a lot of original users were not happy. I like the new layout with Icons for recording etc, it has grown on me, but I fully understand & agree it is not to everyone's tastes. I only now use my Youview boxes as a 2nd machine, as I find other pvrs around home are easier & yes to my liking in daily use.  I think Youview took a very brave decision to totally rewrite the new software. Yes, I agree, it has taken a long time to even get this far. I'm sure the team work very hard & are trying to fix/improve, but for the end user, as much as I appreciate technology & developments, the software is "out of our hands" on how it looks. I purchased my box & wished I had known in advance what was going to happen. Roll on next update (what's coming next!  - in my case hopefully Discover - missed for nearly 2 years) ! John
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