Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR available for pre-order in the US



  • This is why why I feel so let down my youview...  :/

    Commercial skipping and content discovery are coming to the amazon Fire TV recast.

    Already you can see this is going to be good and steadily improve as each update rolls out...

    This is the sort of exciting stuff I thought youview next gen was going to bring... updates to youview next gen seemed to have become a trickle... little UI changes... and even then, not for all boxes! EVEN through that was promised... as a BT box owner, I still don't have Discover!!!

    The youview platform is facing more and more competition, and that competition is getting stronger and stronger...

    youview, what happened??? Most people like a youview box because it records, they like to collect programmes... yet, recording, and the sorting of programmes, and all that goes with it... is probably youview's weakest feature... right now it feels half implemented, and certainly not best in class... it could have been fantastic...

    I'm just not sure youview really realises just how much of a step back next gen is... it feels like it's not finished, and more worryingly, is not going to be finished  :'(

    I was looking at some images of the old youview the other day... crumbs... we have lost a lot... this is what I use to have... there a loads of really nice little touches...

    I now have NONE of this.... I could post screen after screen that shows the stark difference between old-gen and new-gen... looking back at these screens has made me realise just how sexy youview use to be... forget Freeview Play, forget Fire TV Recast, OLD GEN youview out classed them all...

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    @highdeftvfan 's post above prompted me to look back at my first impressions next gen day zero post. Whilst my subsequent notes there show some of the short comings listed there have had some attention from YouView (but not necessarily then reaching all boxes such as discover) there are still various notes of lost features or rough edges of next gen that are still unresolved almost 2 years now after it first launched. 

    I'm comfortable and adequately satisfied with my next gen experience these days though so do not particularly miss old gen. That said there are the odd next gen issue or missing old gen feature that do niggle from time to time (e.g. being bounced out of MyTV on exiting a recording if 2 other recordings are underway utilising both tuners (which hits me several times a week), no jump to particular minute in a recording feature (not a big issue for me and something I might only use every month or so if it still existed)). There was of course plenty of room for improvement to old gen and much of the obvious and worthy improvements noted there remained unimplemented and still do now as noted in the consolidated list of improvements and feature requests.

    YouView is still heavily in use in our home though which must say something. As much as YouView has fallen (well) short of what many hoped for back at the launch in 2012, at this point in time it still remains the best option for me. Hopefully FreeView Play, this new offering from Amazon, and other options out there will continue to improve, either driving YouView to new heights worth hanging on to or offering something better for me such that I can jump across for a smooth safe landing and onward journey to better things :)
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    So there we go... the beginning of the end for most UK TV distribution services, like youview, Sky, BT, and Virgin...

    New Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K supports Dolby Vision, Atmos and HDR10+

    The price? £49! Seriously, SKY still hasn't manged to get their HDR service up and running, nor has BT, or Virgin, and they will NOT be supporting Dolby Vision, certainly not with the current generation of hardware...

    NowTV launched a 4K stick last week, almost out of nowhere, and many people said "er, why???", now you know... probably to try and deflect this news...

    Pair this new 4K stick with the Fire TV recast and you have pretty hot feature set that BT, SKY, and Virgin are simply miles behind... and all of them currently have pricing structure far in excess of Amazon... but what about content like the Freeview channels, Amazon doesn't offer those... will yes and no, a lot can be obtained through supported apps like All4, iPlayer, etc.

    ...however, Amazon has started to buy content rights to sports, and we know they recently appointed a head of live content... we know SKY well being offering a broadband only version of it's service, no dish need... in 2019... so if that when Freeview channels become available in an EPG for all... including Amazon Fire TV...

    Wow... and I'm still waiting for the Amazon video app on my BT UHD box, and that will never support Dolby Vision... still no sign of Alexa support...
    Wow... let's see how the UK telcos respond...
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    Oh! Another YouView killer!

    People have been making these kind of comments and claims for years on internet fora. But nothing ever happens. But ;highdeftvfan  you've gone one step further by declaring sticks are going to kill traditional TV platforms period.... Personally I don't think so, so another wow.  
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    Youview killed its self by imposing new or next gen on those that didn't want an un finished 'upgrade". Still waiting for the promises that were made back when it was imposed to be kept.
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    dreamtime said:
    Youview killed its self by imposing new or next gen on those that didn't want an un finished 'upgrade". Still waiting for the promises that were made back when it was imposed to be kept.
    I just put my YouView box on to check this. 

    Nope, not dead, by its own hand or by anybody else’s.

    Working fine, in fact, like up to 3 million others.
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
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    I'm always surprised by users who declare YouView NextGen is poor, or sub-standard even, and yet two years later are still here.
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    Visionman said:
    I'm always surprised by users who declare YouView NextGen is poor, or sub-standard even, and yet two years later are still here.
    It’s like growing old. It’s far from ideal, but it sure beats the alternative  :p
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
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