[Discussion] Sony Android TVs (2018 range, AF9 and ZF9 Series) software update PKG6.0358

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Hi everyone, 

Please feel free to discuss the latest software update PKG6.0358 update for the 2018 Sony TV range (AF9 and ZF9 Series) in this thread.



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    It’s dissapointing that Youview doesn’t port the Youview platform to work on satellite tuners to fill a gap if Freesat isn’t provided. A tuner is a tuner.   Youview is the alternative to Freeview, then why not to Freesat?

     It would be great if there was an enhanced platform that combined  the free satellite with the free terrestrial channels into a single Youview interface on TVs that have both sets of tuners.  The AF9, is a wonderful TV that I chose partly because of my preference for Youview, and it is a shame that this obvious bit is missing and even worst, if I choose Youview, I must forgo the use of the satellite channels.  

    To me, at least, it would make sense if Youview made this small move to make it the cross-platform interface of choice and with some work, harnessing the four digital tuners in the AF9 and an attatched large hard drive to provide the perfect future-proof Youview recorder I’ve been yearning for.  
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    Check the above release, and after that the past Sony releases.

    Look for any mention of YouView in them.

    Draw your own conclusions from that about where YouView is going on these sets.
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