[Discussion] Humax retail software update 31.62.10 / 3.5.120

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Hi all,

Feel free to discuss the Humax retail software update 31.62.10 / 3.5.120 here.

This update is a component update which contains a couple of UI updates rather than a full software update. 

As we may be doing more of these kind of updates in the future, we've altered our Software Versions page to include the Component Software numbers as well. 



  • Adrian1Adrian1 Posts: 21Member
    Great update. I keep waiting for one of the old functions to return. Before the software was totally changed it was possible to press info and select to watch previous episodes on demand. It was so very useful! Will this function return?
  • EmEm Posts: 5Member
    MyTV was so useful before the latest update. It allowed you to save individual episodes of a show/series and see at a glance on the main screen when each one would expire. Now both features seem to have been removed, making it no better than the individual Players.

    OK, maybe some people prefer to save entire series/shows – so why not provide BOTH the option to save individual episodes (for shows that have literally hundreds of episodes, as we now have to scroll through them all, which can take several minutes, and remember which episode(s) we wanted to watch!) AND the option to save entire series/shows for those who prefer that?

    And bring back the at-a-glance "2 days left" etc expiry notices on the main screen, please!
  • VisionmanVisionman Posts: 9,461Member ✭✭✭
    Recordings don't expire. They remain permanently on your box until such time as you choose to delete them. 
  • KeithKeith Posts: 2,428Member, Champion mod
    Visionman said:
    Recordings don't expire. They remain permanently on your box until such time as you choose to delete them. 
    I presume the expiry being referred to is bookmarks one can make for on-demand player content in the MyTV watch list. I would suggest when one can one records content rather than bookmark the on-demand version. Then you retain the choice to delay watching it for longer.
  • mintominto Posts: 13Member
    Since the software was updated to give slightly more information on the guide page, I have a new very irritating problem. The bottom 1/3 of the screen goes black to say mytv preview unavailable and we can't connect to the Internet. That is even if I am connected to the internet.  I can get rid of it if I go to myview and press back twice but it comes back in seconds.  In the first place I don't want black messages covering the bottom 1/3 of the screen. A discreet one line message will do fine. Secondly I don't want to be told I can't connect to the internet. It's useless information unless I want the internet which I rarely do.  I can do without the pictures which come via the internet. Thirdly I want to be able to press back and get rid of whatever it is without it coming back.  And while I am at it your big black messages are always annoying because they take up too much of the screen and last too long before disappearing. I still have the old software on a different box and its messages were small and quick
  • DarrenDarren Posts: 283Member ✭✭
    While at my sisters I have noticed that the Humax retail box as a few features that the BT Youview box don’t have & that the EPG looks a little better in the retail box also. It’s like BT are starting to fall behind a little with there updates to there boxes. Only think I like with BT is they also have the Amazon Prime app that the retail boxes don’t have.

  • Chris1066Chris1066 Posts: 3Member
    Synopses in Guide does not add anything useful as the text is too short, ss it often is when pressing info. Need to be able to turn it off. 
    The notes say pressing ok in scheduled recording opens an Action Panel, not on mine, it does the same as info.
    I was hoping the annoying obscuring of a third of the screen when showing messages would go in this update but unfortunately not. 
  • Chris1066Chris1066 Posts: 3Member
    Additional note re the Synopsis - it does not always agree with the Info! 
  • Chris1066Chris1066 Posts: 3Member
    Box did a self initiated software reset and now the Synopsis guide is gone! Very happy with this. 
  • VisionmanVisionman Posts: 9,461Member ✭✭✭
    On what version, Chris1066?
  • Louise MurdochLouise Murdoch Posts: 55Administrator admin
    Chris1066 said:
    Box did a self initiated software reset and now the Synopsis guide is gone! Very happy with this. 
    Hi @Chris1066

    Welcome to the forum!

    Would you be able to let us know exactly what it is your box did to lose the Synopsis in Guide:
    Did your box reboot or factory reset?
    Did you do a manual software update?
    What software version (including component version) your box is currently on?
    And finally, is your box still missing Synopsis in Guide?

    Thank you,
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